Position: Hybrid
Seasons Played: 2
Status: Active
Team History
The Fumble Faction - Captain
RT Username: xilv
D.O.B: 14/01/1990
From: Lincoln, UK

Who Is He?Edit

xilv is the captain of The Fumble Faction and the current UK Grifball commissioner, after replacing Gingerlink. He is currently set to compete in and host the UKGBWL09 with The Fumble Faction and also compete with them in the Johnson's Memorial Cup which will follow.

He was made captain of The Fumble Faction before the UKGBAL08 when the old captain DRO Praetorian left the team.

Grifball StatsEdit

League StatsEdit

  • Games Played : 20
  • Scores : 75
  • Kills : 650
  • Deaths : 634
  • K/D Spread : +16
  • Betrayals : 50
  • Grabs : 255
  • Battling Average : 45%
  • Scoring Average : 33%
  • Combined Average : 39%

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