The Masked Advocados are a freelance Grifball team led by Wolsn1pe. First appearing in 2010, "The Masked Advocados" have only played two games, losing both in an unofficial match against Silver Griffs.


Wolfsn1pe- Founder and Carrier

LORD of KIWIS- Co-founder and Hybrid

AnAmericanTaco- Tank

xxsimmskillsxx- Tank

first2fail- Hybrid

Facts and TriviaEdit

  • During their first unofficial match against the Silver Griffs, Hybrid first2fail (while carrying the bomb) rode a hammer wave all the way to the goal on the GBWL08 Map.
  • "Advocados" isn't a typo of avocados; team founder Wolfsn1pe confirms that it's "A Spanish-sounding way of saying advocates."
  • One month after the team was formed, Hybrid LORD of KIWIS and Tank AnAmericanTaco found they lived in the same town.
  • Everyone in "The Masked Advocados" is reffered by their own team as characters from Red v.s Blue.

Wolfsn1pe= Griff

LORD of KIWIS= Caboose

AnAmericanTaco= Doc

xxsimmskillsxx= Church

first2fail= Tucker

  • Team Motto? "The 1337 Advocates of Griffball"
  • "The Masked Advocados" has not yet played an official game of Griffball, but they are registered on