Red vs. Blue
"The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever. Of All Time"
The Best Of redvsblue Awards
Running time 2:29:13
Writer(s) Burnie Burns
Joel Heyman
Eddy Rivas
Miles Luna
Brandon Farmahini
Director(s) Brandon Farmahini
Miles Luna

The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever. Of All Time is a special video of Red vs. Blue that presents the The Best of Red vs. Blue Awards. Hosted by the Commissioner, the awards ceremony presents Red vs. Blue and Grifball series' most memorable moments - as voted by the fans.


Best Grifball Series - Grifball: "Expansion"Edit

RvB Awards - Best Grifball Series
Before presenting the award for "Best Grifball Series", Grif boasts about how he is the only one in the Red vs. Blue series who special enough to get a popular sport dedicated in his honor. He gives the reward to the Grifball: Expansion.


The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever02:29:13

The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever. Of All Time

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