Rtx 915
RTX is Rooster Teeth’s home-grown exposition in Austin, Texas. RTX began in 2011 with 500 attendees and an open field to play in. In 2012, RTX sold all 4,000 tickets offered and took over half the Austin Convention Center. In 2013, RTX moved to the largest section of the Convention Center and was filled with 10,000 attendees.The expo is the hallmark event for those who enjoy all things Rooster Teeth.

GrifballHub joined the exhibitors at RTX 2013, thanks to the generous donations of the Grifball community. It was the largest Grifball event ever, as Grifballers could play LAN Grifball at the GrifballHub booth and in two center stage events. GrifballHub handed out over 5,000 pieces of free swag to attendees, including Grifball t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and cutom Halo 4 boxart. Since RTX 2013 saw the largest gathering of Grifballers ever, RTX has been nicknamed "GrifCon".


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