Position: Hybrid/Team Captain
Seasons Played: 0
Status: Active
Team History
Budgie Studios - Captain
RT Username: MallardQ
Birthplace: Stockport

Pre-Grifball HistoryEdit

MallardQuakson got into clan/online/team gaming with a Gamebattles CoD4 team, also called Budgie Studios. MallardQuakson captained this team, not because he was the the best, but because none of his friends could be bothered to do it themselves. When Mallard discovered, he thought that he could convince his friends to play this - and he did, with 6 of his CoD4 team members joining him in his new Grifball team, Budgie Studios. Not Bungie Studios, MallardQuakson is keen to stress. Because that would be stupid.

Grifball StatsEdit

BuDj Scrimmages (as of 6/2/09)Edit

~ Scores (scrims):8
~ Kills: 217
~ Deaths: 222
~ K/D: -5
~ Games played: 6


~ MallardQuakson supports Stockport County FC, and was born in Stockport County General Hopsital.
~ MallardQuakson's closest associates are IoI Gazza IoI, I Shaun Spurs I and Tango Lemon. Incidentally, these are the 4 main BuDj team players.

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