Affiliation Team Slipspace
Status Alive
First Appearance Grifball: Double Agent 2
Voice Actor HighlndHellrazr aka Drew
Macdougal is a member of Team Slipspace.

Role in PlotEdit

Double AgentEdit

Macdougal made a brief appearance as one of the members of BosaNova Bosses. Since XT died and Rookie was on strike, the BosaNova Bosses easily won against Slipspace.

Zero ToleranceEdit

Before the start of the season, Macdougal was traded for Jacques. Since Macdougal was new to the team, Rookie was hoping Macdougal would be called "rookie". Unfortunately for Rookie, he learns that Macdougal is a veteran player who has played in the Grifball League longer than Rookie.

The Commissioner shows up to Slipspace's practice facility to tell them that they are disqualified because Macdougal used a "control substance" last season while playing for the BosaNova Bosses. It later revealed that the control substance was a grenade. Despite that fact, Macdougal continues to treat it as an addiction, expressing his shame at using them, yet continuing to do so; even during team practice.



HighlndHellrazr of GrifballHub aka Drew was asked to voice Macdougle after meeting Burnie Burns at PAX.[1]


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