The Johnson's Memorial Cup is a cup competition created by YodaMagicCircus and Strangler 999 of Johnsons Salty Grifballs and is a follow up the Sarge's Memorial Cup which Johnsons Salty Grifballs, which was hosted by Strangler 999 and his former Sarge's Angels teammate Gibbley Giblets. It is a cup for 16 UK teams to compete against each other, originally as 4 groups and then a three round knock-out tiers with the top 2 from each division going to the knock out stages. The four divisions are the Johnson Division, Spartan or Chief Division, Cortana Division and Arbiter Division.

Differences from the SMCEdit

For the Johnson's Memorial Cup, there will only be one knock out stage for the top 2 teams in each division, and not a lower tier for the bottom two teams in each division like the previous cup. Also, differences include the names of the divisions. There are not other differences between the two cups.

The TeamsEdit

15 out of the 16 teams have signed up. The full division listings will be put up once the cup is over. The teams who have signed up are :-

Each division has a group captain to even out the spread of teams. The divisions so far are as bellow:


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