Grifballs of Steel is a UK Grifball team who have competed in the Sarge's Memorial Cup and the UKGBAL08 and are currently set to compete in the UKGBWL09 and the Johnson's Memorial Cup.

Team RosterEdit

  • secretryan28 - CAPTAIN
  • archer39483
  • Itchy49
  • antiOrchid

Grifball StatsEdit

Sarge's Memorial CupEdit

GBOS went 5-1 in the SMC. They picked up wins in all of there group stage matches but were knocked out in the knock out stages by The Angry Saints.


GBOS went 9-2 in the UKGBAL08. They made it to the playoffs but were defeated in the final by The Fumble Faction. The Fumble Faction were the only team to defeat Grifballs of Steel in the UKGBAL08.

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