Grifball Dash
Grifball Dash is grifball game-type that allows the player to use the movement-based armor abilities.

Halo: ReachEdit

The player has the ability to use sprint and evade armor abilities. This game type is defined by the use of the "Barrel Roll" technique. The idea of the barrel roll is to grab the bomb, then an instant later press evade. The player will then roll with the bomb and travel farther than one would do on a normal roll. The barrel roll allows the player to cover a great distance in a short time with the bomb.

Halo 4Edit

Obex35 Dash 915x380-915x380
Grifball Dash in Halo 4 has the player use thruster packs instead of evade.


Featured Gametype Grifball Dash01:07

Featured Gametype Grifball Dash

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