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Grif-Spot Elite is a UK Grifball team who have competed in the UKGBSML08, the Sarge's Memorial Cup and the UKGBAL08 and are currently set to compete in the UKGBWL09.

Team RosterEdit

  • I Big Bad Chief - CAPTAIN
  • only1exit
  • Ward1993
  • chris1811
  • Wolly Wampa

Grifball StatsEdit


GSE went 6-3 in the UKGBSML08, including 2 forfeit wins. They missed out of the playoffs being beaten by Johnsons Salty Grifballs in the rookie qualifiers.

Sarge's Memorial CupEdit

GSE went 6-1 in the SMC. They picked up wins in all of there group stage matches but were knocked out in the knock out stages by Sarge's Angels.


GSE went 5-2 in the UKGBAL08. They made it to the playoffs but were knocked out by The Angry Saints. The Angry Saints were the only team to defeat GSE in the UKGBAL08