The Great British Grifballers (Also known as the GBGB's or the GBG's) are a European Grifball team who came 2nd overall in the Grifball Spring UK League. The team Captain is Timpski, with some managerial duties falling to Newnab.

The Roster Edit

  • Timpski
  • Newnab
  • Hellfire 969
  • Nude Pikachu
  • A Hot Blonde
  • Iam117
  • Nebur
  • Swift Strider

The Foundations Edit

Newnab originally suggested creating a Grifball team to Timpski, who decided that it was a good idea. Timpski created the team and they signed up for the Spring UK League. They won their group and continued on to the finals, where they lost to Death on Call.

The Present Edit

The GBGB's are currently participating in The Super Six League tournament (Run by Newnab) and intend to sign up for the Summer League. With the recent addition of Ruben and Swift Strider to their squad, their roster is full.

Hellfire Edit

Is not a TANK

Rivals Edit

The GBGB's enjoy a friendly rival with several teams for a variety of reasons. Among these, are: