The Golden Bomb is a player award created by YodaMagicCircus of Johnsons Salty Grifballs. It is awarded for getting the most scores in a competitions, either in a division or entire tournament. They have currently only been awarded in the UKGBSML08 and the Sarge's Memorial Cup.



  • Division 1 - secretryan28
  • Division 2 - Shotgunman1112
  • Division 3 - J to the Ward and Armadillo
  • Division 4 - RidleyValiant
  • Division 5 - TOS Macca
  • Overall - RidleyValiant

Sarge's Memorial CupEdit


  • Division 1 - xilv
  • Division 2 - BigBadChief
  • Division 3 - Bowman143 and River Maker
  • Division 4 - carkito17
  • Overall - xilv

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