The Evade armor ability in Halo: Reach allows the player to roll in any direction to avoid danger. You can evade twice before having to recharge. The recharge time is like that of the Sprint ability. Once the runner picks up the bomb, he can no longer use evade.

Evade lets you perform a roll in any direction. It’s most commonly used by hybrids and anti-bomb specialists. When trying to kill the enemy runner, you can roll around him or behind and sword lunge as you exit the roll, which is generally more effective than sprinting right at him. The more common use of evade however, is to barrel roll with the bomb. The idea of the barrel roll is to grab the bomb, then an instant later press evade. You will then roll with the bomb and travel farther than you would on a normal roll. It allows you to cover a great distance in a short time with the bomb, which is invaluable. At the very least, you need to practice stopping the opponents from rolling, because it will definitely be used against you. It’s not too difficult to kill somebody mid-roll because they can’t punch, but they move quickly so it takes some practice with the timing.

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