Shield Wave 1

A Spartan's and Elite's shield recharging in Halo 3 multiplayer.

Energy shielding is a form of physical shielding consisting of a field of energized particles which will seal around any form of surface, which will deflect physical objects. Shields protect you for a brief amount of time from damage. A player's shields can be further augmented with an overshield.  In Grifball, an overshield can be gained when a player picks up the bomb to become the Grif.

Each game has a specific time delay before energy shields begin recharging, and a certain amount of time it takes for a full recharge after the delay has passed, shown in the following table:

Game Delay Full recharge
Halo 3 4.25 s 1.75 s
Halo: Reach Spartans 6 s 2.75 s
Halo: Reach Elites 4.5 s 3.5 s
Halo 4 6 s 2 s

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